Workers Aid

Its History and Purpose

What is International Workers Aid?

In the year 1984 the miners in Britain began a heroic strike which went on for a whole year! Unfortunatly, the government of Margaret Thatcher won the conflict and the trade unions in Britain suffered a serious defeat. During the long strike, workers in Bosnia (at that time it was part of Yugoslavia) organized practical solidarity to support the miners in Britain.

Nine years later, when the war in Bosnia was in full force, the solidarity was not forgotten. Beginning with 1993, solidarity convoys started to deliver donations to Bosnia which were organized by a number of forces but initiated by the miners in Britain. The name of the campaign was International Workers Aid (IWA).

Today (2022), some of the people who participated in the IWA - together with migrants and refugees from various countries - are organizing the Sunflower convoy to Ukraine.

International Solidarity must be practical. It must be based on principles.

International Workers Aid